Different Types of Garages

While designing your new home you also need to design a garage. For this, you have numerous alternatives accessible to you.

types of garages

Other than picking an exterior that matches the style of your home, you can design the garage in any way you want. But, before designing a garage, you need to know about the types of garages.

By knowing the type, you will easily be able to figure out that what kind of garage you need. Keep reading the article to know the basic garage types.

Basic Garage Types

There are basically 3 types of garages. Attached, detached and breezeway garages. Below, we’ll explain what each is and their benefits.

Attached Garages

As its name implies, an attached garage is the kind of garage that is connected to the home. This style of garage is most helpful for the people who live in areas with cold climate.

Rather than to walking towards the garage in wet, cold or icy climate they can easily go to your garage.

Attached garages are generally made on one side of the house and a common door is also installed between the garage and the house. However, most of the people prefer attached garages as they are very convenient and beneficial.

Detached Garages

detached garage

Detached garages are basically made a few steps away from the house. They are mostly constructed far away from the house due to the less space. As a separate place, reaching these garages always requires covering a short distance from the home.

A few detached garages are also made at the back yard of the houses. However, they are not really preferred by most of the people as compared to the attached garages.

Breezeway Garages

On the off chance that you have a detached garage made at the side of your house, yet would appreciate the benefits of an attached garage, constructing a breezeway is a sensible idea for such situation.

A breezeway is basically a little expansion constructed between your home as well as your garage associating both of them in a perfect way.

You can essentially include a rooftop that crosses from your home right to your garage which can also serve as a yard or parking space.

You can also make that area a simple new room that provides you a way towards your garage without even going outside.

Garage Types Explained

So, these were the main three kinds of garages that people usually build for their houses.

Depending on the space of the property, you can choose any of the garage type and can design it according to your choice and needs.

However, making a detached garage is one of the best option as they have a lot of benefits as compare to any other garage type.